About me

Nate Thompson

As a UX/UI Designer with 16 years of experience, I excel in devising digital solutions for businesses, particularly focusing on cloud-based software solutions for the global life sciences industry. My enthusiasm is rooted in creating flexible, creative, and user-centric experiences that fulfill the expectations and requirements of clients and users alike.

My core competencies span user research, Figma, creative ideation, prototyping, usability testing, and mentoring. I have successfully led application redesign and user experience enhancement projects, which have resulted in substantial traffic increase, revenue growth, and improved retention rates. Moreover, I thrive in collaborative environments, working alongside other designers and developers to amplify business objectives and achieve the collective goals of the organizations I align with.

User-Centric Design & Content Strategy

Over 10 years of experience in devising and implementing user experience designs and content strategies that enhance user engagement and satisfaction across various digital platforms.

Strategic UX/UI Innovation

Expertise in translating business goals into strategic design solutions, driving increased engagement, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Lead Product Designer

Veeva Systems

Community Portal ReDesign

Revamped the community portal to enhance user engagement, resulting in a 30% increase in daily active users.

Development of Booking System

Created an intuitive booking system for amenities, simplifying the reservation process for residents.

Mobile Version Launch

Led the design and launch of a mobile application, extending the platform’s reach and improving user satisfaction.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Fostered collaboration between design, development, and customer support teams, ensuring a unified approach to product enhancement.

Senior UX/UI Designer


  • Revamped the user experience of a hotel booking platform, focusing on simplifying the booking process and enhancing visual appeal across web and mobile platforms. Emphasised responsive design to ensure a seamless booking experience across various devices, aligning with government digital and accessibility standards.
  • Conceptualised and designed a digital guest services directory to provide hotel guests with easy access to amenities and local attractions. Incorporated user-centred design principles to cater to both web and mobile users, ensuring the content was accessible, well-organised, and met digital standards.
  • Developed an interactive room selection feature to allow guests to view and select rooms based on real-time availability and preferences. Utilised prototyping techniques to refine the interaction design and ensure a user-centric approach, facilitating a seamless user experience and ensuring content accuracy and relevance.

UX/UI Designer

Formative Innovations

  • Employed interaction and visual design theory using Adobe Creative Cloud to craft online healthcare products for radiology imaging, enhancing analytic processing with large medical data sets across web and mobile platforms.
  • Facilitated ideation sessions and collaborated with cross-functional teams, providing guidance on design interactions and inclusivity for medical staff, ensuring a seamless transition between web and mobile interfaces.
  • Developed and refined prototypes through various prototyping tools, facilitating usability testing, and integrating user research into product designs to meet the distinct needs of healthcare professionals.
  • Demonstrated the ability to articulate design rationale and logic in an applied research setting, underlining the benefits of design decisions and employing appropriate research methods, thereby ensuring a user-centred approach in creating responsive web and mobile applications.