I help businesses & brands solve problems and stand out using strategy and design.

I drive business forward using logic, data and strong user experience designs.

I currently work as a Senior User Experience Designer at Veeva Systems. Though my day to day tasks take me into many different areas of design, my main focus is the development of Cloud-based Software Solutions for the Global Life Sciences Industry.

How can I help?

Web Design & Development

Your website is often the first thing prospects see and the last thing they remember making it critical to develop an eye-catching, user-friendly and growth-driven site. Long gone are the days of boring, old, and outdated sites – now is the time to stand out and make an impact. We follow proven design principles focused on helping grow your business.

User Experience Design

Your digital product can be complex, but the user interface must be simple. User experience design comes down to creating products that are easy use, while at the same time being a joy for its users. We help our clients grow by boosting user engagement and increasing user retention.

Digital Brand Management

Digital brand management is often forgotten yet vital when it comes to online success. Web management verifies your online performance, including website health, social media performance, security updates and more.  Eliminate weaknesses and maximize strengths with the help of our Digital Brand Management service.

Projects I’ve worked on

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What my clients say...

William Carrol

Nate is a highly dedicated creative, with excellent design sensibilities. His attention to detail and technical knowledge make him a great asset to any team. I always trust Nate's solutions will be thoughtful and strategic in their foundation, from planning through to final execution.

Ellen Baluta

Hands down, Nate is one of the most versatile designers I've had the pleasure to work with. He's strong in print, digital, web, and product design—utilizing techniques and expertise that is agnostic to each medium (not a one-size fits all approach). His designs are clean, functional and just easy to consume.

I absolutely look forward to working with Nate again in the future!