What We Didn’t Expect from Our 2022 Content Performance Report

Mar 20, 2023

During 2022, DigitalMarketer generated 181 articles, 101 podcasts, and 141 youtube videos for public consumption (we also generated over 1,000 gated videos but we won’t include that data here).

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Surprisingly, essentially the most consumed content was PODCASTS. Despite the fact that we produced less podcasts (101) than each articles (181) and videos (178), podcasts still accounted for 53% of total consumption.

Quick note that “consumption” for our content strategy is “views” for for video, “unique pageviews” for articles, and “downloads” for podcasts.

On average, each podcast was downloaded 2,491 times versus videos at 432 views, and articles at 781 pageviews.

The next is a breakdown of the highest performing content DigitalMarketer produced in 2022.

The Best Performing Content

Listed here are the highest performing pieces of content from each content type.

TOP ARTICLE: How Facebook Ads Are Changing In 2022
TOP PODCAST: Episode 231: Grow to be A Certified Email Marketing Master
TOP VIDEO: Paid Traffic Mastery Certification w/Kasim Aslam

Top Performing Articles

The article titles cover quite a lot of topics related to digital marketing, promoting, and related fields. Some articles deal with specific tactics or strategies, equivalent to Facebook Ads, email marketing, or content marketing.

Others cover broader topics like the abilities marketers have to succeed or emerging trends like Web 3.0. Some articles also offer tips about constructing effective campaigns or optimizing sales funnels.

Overall, the articles provide a variety of insights and advice for marketers seeking to improve their skills and not sleep up to now with the most recent developments in the sector. Listed here are some possible patterns that could possibly be found with these results:

Emerging Trend Articles

Several article titles mention latest or emerging trends in the sector of selling, equivalent to Web 3.0, post-digital marketing, and 2023 digital marketing trends.

Specific Tactics & Strategy Articles:

Lots of the article titles deal with specific marketing tactics and methods, equivalent to Facebook Ads, email marketing, content marketing, and video marketing.

Skills Development Articles:

Several article titles offer advice and tips about developing marketing skills or constructing a marketing profession path.

Optimization & Conversion Articles:

Some article titles deal with optimizing marketing campaigns and improving conversion rates, equivalent to the Ad Grid and copywriting suggestions for sales funnels.

Common Mistakes Articles:

Two article titles highlight common mistakes that marketers make, equivalent to the #1 mistake when running paid ads and the 5 mistakes that limit YouTube subscription numbers.

Social Media Articles:

Several article titles deal with social media marketing, equivalent to suggestions for winning big on social media.

Time Efficiency Articles:

Some article titles offer time-efficient solutions for marketing, equivalent to the 2-hour-per-month content marketing framework.

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Top Performing Videos

The content focuses on digital marketing, promoting, and business growth strategies. The titles are aimed toward marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners seeking to improve their marketing skills and drive revenue growth. The videos cover a variety of topics, from social media marketing and email marketing to paid traffic, digital retailing, and content marketing.

Among the videos look like focused on providing specific suggestions and methods, equivalent to “The way to handle sales objections” and “8 Suggestions for Writing Effective Email Marketing Subject Lines.” Others are geared towards offering more comprehensive courses or certifications, equivalent to “Paid Traffic Mastery Certification” and “Grow to be a Certified Email Marketing Master.”

The videos feature various experts within the marketing industry, equivalent to Kasim Aslam, Ryan Deiss, and Jena Apgar.

Overall, the video titles suggest that the content is geared towards helping businesses and marketers improve their digital marketing strategies and increase their revenue through targeted and effective promoting.

Paid Promoting & Traffic Generation Videos:

Email Marketing Videos:

Social Media Marketing Videos:

Business & Growth Sales Videos:

Industry Insights & Trends Videos:

Content Marketing Videos:

Top Performing Podcasts

These podcast titles cover a wide selection of topics related to marketing, business, and social media. Among the titles deal with specific tactics or strategies for marketing and promoting, while others explore broader topics related to entrepreneurship and private development.

The titles also vary in tone, with some being more straightforward and instructional (“A Sales System for All Personalities”), while others are more attention-grabbing and use humor or shock value to pique interest (“Using Poop to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign?”).

Overall, these titles suggest that the podcasts are aimed toward entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners who’re concerned with learning more about easy methods to grow and scale their businesses, improve their marketing skills, and stay up-to-date on the most recent trends in social media and e-commerce.

Promoting Tactics & Marketing Strategies Podcasts:

Personal Development & Entrepreneurship Podcasts:

Interviews with Successful Business Owners & Marketers Podcasts:

Social Media & E-Commerce Trends & Insights:

Creative & Unusual Marketing Tactics:

Podcasting suggestions and tricks: