In 1936, the creator of Turing Machines predicted that a machine would in the future have the opportunity to think like a human, if not even outperform the human. 

It’s 2023, and we’re officially here.

82% of marketers consider that AI will probably be the long run of promoting—in actual fact, lots of them already consider AI writes higher than a human (Capterra study).

Well, with ChatGPT flying past 100 million users in only two months…we’re living in the long run.

AI is revolutionizing the way in which we work, think, and create. 

I joined Content at Scale because the VP of Marketing this January in a daring move of ‘adapting or die’ for my profession in content—one month in, what I’m seeing, learning, and facilitating for marketers and teams is blowing my mind. Let’s speak about it.

Reduce Content Overhead Costs and Frustrations by 5x-25x With the AIO Model

It’s now the Stone Age to take a seat at your computer and drum up 2,500 words for an search engine optimization post from a blank slate.


When you may generate long-form search engine optimization content (2,500 words or more) that’s fully original and well-written inside five minutes or less, you’ll never wish to return. 

On average, I’m seeing a 5-25x reduction in associated content creation costs (which is mind-boggling!), and a time savings of 5-10x. (My full-time author at Content Hacker went from 7 hours per post to one hour per post after we adapted this model.)

Here’s the AIO model I’ve built out reflecting the difference of what you may do in your online business and marketing by replacing the human blank-slate writing with AI blank-slate writing, based on a whole bunch upon a whole bunch of use cases from Content at Scale clients:

“AIO”, Artificial Intelligence Optimization, is the term I’ve created to properly define the brand new way we’re seeing a whole bunch of marketers and teams create content:

  • Artificial Intelligence because the baseline author (replacing the human author and blank slate)
  • The human author as an optimizer of the AI baseline content

And—it’s working.

With the money and time savings, it’s an absolute no-brainer to change to AI because the baseline.

The Human Process Involved In AIO

While we see AI perfectly able to writing a whole 2,500 word blog from scratch, with a single keyword and one-sentence prompt:

We also see the necessity for the human optimization process pre-publish more crucial than ever.

Without your unique story (or client case studies/testimonials) woven in, the human touch of adding statistics, double-checking facts and cutting the fluff; AI-written content simply won’t stand out. It won’t set you apart within the content sea; it won’t drive customers and dependable fans in droves to your email list. So, the human touch is crucial.

My C.R.A.F.T. framework inside AIO defines the steps writers should take to make the AI content more human and personalized once you’re taking it from AI and get it able to publish (from AI to O):

1.     Cut the fluff

2.     Review, edit, optimize

3.     Add images, visuals, media

4.     Fact-check

5.     Trust-build with personal story, tone, links

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Humans are needed for the optimization side, and for that human touch that should be applied to the content AI generates. Content itself won’t ever be a completely automated, 100% AI process; but AI can remove hours and hours of painstaking work from the content creation pipeline, which is able to save countless amounts of energy and dollars in the approaching months and years when marketers adapt in full force.

 Predictions Concerning the Way forward for Content & AI

This yr, Capterra surveyed almost 200 marketers using AI of their marketing. 82% of them said that the content written by AI was just pretty much as good if not higher than human-generated content.

One among the primary Generative AI experts on the earth, Nina Schick (founding father of Tamang Ventures, and creator of Substack project ‘The Era of Generative AI’), has told Yahoo Finance Live that she believes ChatGPT will completely revamp how digital content is created, and by 2025, software built with ChatGPT will enable us to achieve 90% of all online content now being generated by AI. She said: “ChatGPT has really captured the general public imagination in an especially compelling way, but I feel in a number of months’ time, ChatGPT is just going to be seen as one other tool powered by this latest type of AI, often called generative AI,” she said.

Google Trends shows a HUGE jump in interest and traffic across the term “ChatGPT:”

Search traffic shows that the interest in AI is the very best it has ever been. The previous peak was in January 2012:

375 million jobs obsolete in the subsequent ten years. In the subsequent three years, it’s predicted that 120 million employees across the globe will should be retrained and re-skilled for this latest world.

Newer and better-paying jobs in AI will come on the scene, but they won’t replace the quantity of jobs lost; so without retraining and reskilling, and learning how one can adapt, average people can have difficulty finding latest work.  

Are You Able to Join the Future? 

I’m excited to see just how much AI will revolutionize human efficiency and optimization. 

We’re in latest times.

Are you ready to hitch the long run of promoting and study all things AI?

I do know I’m. 

See you on the opposite side!