Top 7 Free Strategic Business Plan Templates for Your Startup

Dec 12, 2022

It’s tempting to dive straight into execution when you have got a recent business idea. Nevertheless, you wish the right preparation to begin a recent enterprise. Get all of your thoughts and concepts on paper, finalise the main points, and create a marketing strategy.   

A marketing strategy helps evaluate ideas and scope out the work. It also means that you can plan the subsequent phase, akin to creating an internet site, securing funds, marketing, and refining what you are promoting strategy, and identifying goals.  

Getting began could also be tricky for brand spanking new entrepreneurs. If making a marketing strategy is simply too intimidating, use a customisable, pre-made template.   

We’ve listed a few of the top marketing strategy templates you may explore to create the correct plan to your next business idea.  

Top 7 Free Strategic Business Plan Templates  

1. HubSpot’s Downloadable Business Plan Template  

This downloadable free template by HubASpot is a reference manual for startups starting their business enterprise.   

Their templates show you what to include in each section and one of the best ways to execute it.  

Other assets also feature:  

  • A check-off list for every section of the marketing strategy as a reference  
  • A guide for filling out each section of what you are promoting plan. 
  • Easy accessibility for startup entrepreneurs   

2. PandaDoc’s Free Business Plan Template   

PandaDoc is one other platform that gives free templates for startups on the lookout for a fleshed-out sample marketing strategy.  

The template describes what you need to include in each section, saving effort and time from starting all the things from scratch and include features akin to:  

  • Comprehensive and in-depth instructions for developing a sturdy marketing strategy.  
  • Synced e-signature software to sign documents with other stakeholders with convenience 
  • Easy navigation for brand spanking new business startups with a partner or board of directors.  

3. Shopify’s Business Blueprint   

This free template by Shopify gives you all of the vital skills, tools, and knowledge to begin what you are promoting plan.  

It’s filled with insights and exercises tailored to assist startup owners and early-stage entrepreneurs navigate the method from ideation to execution with relative ease. It also:  

  • Covers all essential points of beginning a recent business   
  • Assists startup business owners and entrepreneurs in assessing multiple facets of managing a business  
  • Identifies and works on other areas of the startup business that you just may need missed.  

4. LiveFlow’s Financial Planning Business Template   

This free template makes it simpler for entrepreneurs to develop a sturdy financial statement and track their business progress by design.   

It features a comprehensive financial format allowing users to trace operating expenses, revenues, operating profit margins, and gross/net profits of what you are promoting. A few of its featured advantages include:  

  • A flexible and user-friendly template for brand spanking new business owners.  
  • An easy process for writing all what you are promoting financial information.  
  • A fast dashboard that consolidates data and updates with every change made.  

5. Free Business Plan Template by Rating  

Rating is a widely known American nonprofit organization offering detailed and actionable marketing strategy templates for startups to launch and run a successful business enterprise, available totally free in PDF and Word formats.  

Its business templates also include several of the next features:  

  • Modifiable as per specific requirements. 
  • In-person or online mentorship for further input on what you are promoting plan.  
  • Convenient and straightforward to fill out.  

6. Free Business Plan Template by BPlan   

This free template is more financially oriented and dedicates a big section to the general financial statement. It means that you can understand what you are promoting’s financial health and the strategies you should strengthen it further.    

It’s easy to make use of, complete with detailed instructions and various finance-centric sections, providing an easy and hassle-free strategy of writing the startup marketing strategy.  

7. Microsoft Office Online Templates   

Lastly, Microsoft Office offers a variety of strategic marketing strategy templates you may download totally free to start with what you are promoting idea, complete with a marketing plan to an executive summary.  

Despite its simplicity, Microsoft office online templates provide:   

  • Assorted marketing strategy templates for PowerPoint presentation  
  • Conveniently customisable to suit each company’s branding  
  • Stylish plans that exude professionalism   

Create a Winning Business Plan Today 

Marketing strategy templates are a wonderful tool that saves startup entrepreneurs and small business owners an incredible deal of time by working off a pre-designed document.   

Using the list mentioned above of convenient and accessible skilled templates, you may start together with your groundbreaking ideas without working from scratch. Take step one to what you are promoting journey today.