The Marketing World Is CRUMBLING With AI Taking Over… Or Possibly Not?

Jan 28, 2023

This isn’t cause for concern, you’ll be able to stop clutching your pearls, I promise all the pieces is alright.  

For those who’re all caught up with the most recent tech news (or my TikTok feed), that OpenAI just got a $10 billion investment from Microsoft. 

Which suggests everyone’s latest favorite AI toy, ChatGPT, now has some serious backing behind it. In line with that news coming to light, it’s assumed that each one of our jobs are at stake. 

Because all marketers on the market are immediately going to get replaced by AI, right? 

Yeaaaah probably not. 

Call me “wildly optimistic,” but I’m pretty rattling sure my clients aren’t going anywhere, and neither are yours. 

See, people LOVE to say the sky is falling any likelihood they get. Some latest innovation is introduced into the world and unexpectedly now we have to plan for our demise. 

It happened when cars replaced horse drawn carriages. 

It happened when the typewriter overtook pen and paper. 

The medium we’re using without delay, ya know, the web, it happened when that got here about.

(Did we’re alleged to be stupider due to the web, too? Exponentially, actually. Like, without delay I’m alleged to be some kind of uneducated heathen in a ditch or something.)  

Listen, ChatGPT is implausible. It’s really freaking smart, it learns and modifies on the fly, and it could possibly be an insanely powerful resource, if you happen to know learn how to use it. 

I’m really enthusiastic about integrating it into my business. The truth is, we’re currently within the strategy of doing it. 

Better part? I’m not threatened within the slightest bit.

This isn’t something that puts my position in danger, it’s a possibility to raise. 

I can understand the priority for many who can’t get with the times, but I don’t have an oz. of sympathy for those people. This is similar bullshit we’ve been hearing for generations. 

For those who can’t evolve with an industry, you’re simply not cut out for it. 

Sorry. That’s just the reality. 

“But Yogev, can’t AI technology write sales pages, emails, ads, etc.? Aren’t you afraid it’ll replace copywriters completely?” 

Sure, it could possibly write all of those things. Pretty much, actually. But there are just a few caveats here: 

  1. Even when it could possibly do all of those things, it’s worthwhile to give you the option to prompt in the precise way in an effort to get exactly what you would like— that takes time to determine. 
  2. Anyone who’s going to make use of it to put in writing something and easily copy and paste it straight into their funnel likely isn’t considering the proven fact that it still needs glance through and edit. That requires someone who understands the audience, the offer, and the psychology behind persuasion & communication.     
  3. If it’s replacing someone, it’s the subpar or lazy copywriters who you don’t even want in the primary place.  

Consider it like this: ChatGPT is giving people the chance to level the playing field. 

Those that don’t know an entire lot about marketing funnels, copy, etc, those people now don’t must lose money hiring someone who’s going to do the bare minimum.

Effectively teaching them a lesson we’ve all needed to learn the hard way: to not low-cost out on services. 

On the opposite side of things, experts are still needed here—they’ll at all times be needed. 

So if you happen to’re actually good at what you do, congrats, you’ll still be in demand. 

The truth is, for many who are REALLY good at what they do, they will now leverage this tool to make even higher processes and procedures. 

“The word processor is the author’s dishwasher: It liberates you from a chore that’s not creative and saps your energy and enthusiasm.” — William Zinsser, “On Writing Well”

See, if you happen to view this as a tool, something to effectively cut out the labor that lets you focus your creative energy, it’ll inevitably make you higher.

Prompting something like ChatGPT with the precise expertise and knowledge: 

  • Your research has now just been automated. As an alternative of scouring the web, it’s all put in a single place for you to make your mind up what is useful information and what’s noise. 
  • Your ideation for angles and topics have just been expanded exponentially. You already know your offers and material just like the back of your hand, so asking it to bring up angles you haven’t considered can construct out more content for you, make it easier to create more offers, OR make it easier to split test different variations of your current offers. 
  • Your outlines are written faster. I LOVE outline. The more flushed out, the higher. With solid information, your writing is tighter and your first draft is closer to a finished product. 

The primary 25-50% of the method has just been expedited. 

Have in mind it won’t be perfect, which is high-quality, it doesn’t should be. But that human touch you set at the tip of it’s going to be THAT significantly better after which final result will feel that way more complete.

Which suggests now you’ll be able to put more effort and time into doing the thing people actually pay you to do—getting things from good to great. 

And what? This provides you time to service much more individuals who will proceed paying you. 

What an idea, I do know, no must thank me. 

Bottom line: evolve with the market. 

Evolution and innovation is the way in which of the world. Something at all times replaces something else. And that’s not only a human thing, that’s a universal thing. 

So if you happen to’re having a tough time wrapping your head around a latest invention or innovation that’ll change the landscape of an industry, actually being an opportunity to make more cash, that’s a really fixed mindset. 

And as entrepreneurs, business owners, and just general people of the world, having a hard and fast mindset limits you—in additional ways than simply business (but we don’t must turn this into group therapy, back to the essential point).

Go learn something latest and see how this tool can actually be a implausible opportunity so that you can grow. 

For those who can think outside the box with this one, you’d be surprised how way more beneficial of an asset you grow to be.