Progressive UI and UX Design Sites That Will Encourage Projects

Nov 21, 2022

Take inspiration from these UI and UX web sites if ideas are running low.

Designing web sites is hard work in today’s digital landscape. While you’re working on user interfaces (UI) or user experiences (UX) design, you have got to make certain your work doesn’t fall behind on the trends.

The excellent news? There are tons of UI and UX design sites on the market that may encourage your work on a day by day basis. Whether you’re in need of resources on your development needs, or searching for inspiration on your upcoming UI, all you wish is a curated list of tools to get those creative juices flowing immediately.

Searching for a guide to spark your creativity today? Take a look at this list of modern web sites and tools to ignite your digital success this yr.

Inspiring UX and UI design for website or app development

The primary three examples on this guide are here to encourage your website UI design. These inspiring examples uphold expert usability characteristics, ensuring a spot-on user interface for the experience of their users.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is a web-based marketplace that lets users lease and book home stays at more approachable rates. This website’s easy and friendly interface focuses on inspiring trust between strangers in order that they feel comfortable with leasing out their properties or staying at other people’s homes.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

The moment you visit their website, you’re presented with options that highlight the very best of the very best in amenities, information, and price. Airbnb allows you to pick from quite a lot of homestay options, and as a “guest,” it candidly informs you of your selection’s quality in order that you’re feeling secure when booking.

Photo courtesy of Airbnb

As a “host,” the user interface is straightforward, approachable, and simple to make use of – ensuring a smooth experience for each parties on this modern homestay app. So when you’re trying to develop a marketplace of your individual, take inspiration from this leader within the homestay industry today.

2. Dropbox

This next example of fantastic website UI design is a file hosting service that lets users make use of cloud storage and file synchronization. Dropbox provides each personal clouds and client software, with navigable folder systems that make it easy for users to prepare and store their files.

ui design inspiration dropboxPhoto courtesy of Dropbox

As its name suggests, Dropbox lets users drop data into online boxes with no muss or fuss – thus streamlining the file organization process and making the user experience effortless and simple. Dropbox’s lighthearted graphics and straightforward copywriting put the cherry on top of this excellent example of design for the UI of an internet site as well.

3. Medium

The last example of an internet site with a wonderful UI is Medium. Medium is an open and online platform that hosts blog posts by each amateur and skilled writers within the publishing industry.

ux design inspirations mediumPhoto courtesy of Medium

From the get-go, Medium’s header and duplicate inspires motion and curiosity. The location’s UX directs users towards the motion straightaway, highlighting popular articles for readers on its homepage.

For writers, Medium’s call to motion is straightforward: start writing. With its daring color selections and a navigable platform, this online platform upholds the hallmarks of expert usability for an important user experience today.

ui and ux design site mediumPhoto courtesy of Medium

Expert resources from UX and UI web sites

With three inspirational site designs under your belt, it’s time so that you can discover seven great resources from expert UX designers to jumpstart your web development process this yr.

1. Adobe Portfolio

The primary resource on this list is Adobe Portfolio. This free tool is an element of the paid Adobe Creative Cloud package, and it empowers developers to create professional-looking web sites and landing pages in minutes. 

As a component of the Creative Cloud package, Adobe Portfolio allows you to access customizable layouts on your UI. It also allows you to utilize Adobe’s complete Typekit font library, with no extra charge to your account. This choice of resources makes Adobe Portfolio an important selection for designers in need of a streamlined site development process ASAP.

2. Awwwards

The following entry on this list of resources is Awwwards. This brand is an award-giving body that inspires innovation in its audiences by showcasing the very best of the very best in website design on its site. 

Awwwards encourages developers to submit their UI and UX design sites in a creative yearly competition. Experts within the industry judge all of the submitted works, and winners receive rewards and recognition for his or her labor in web development. As an authority yourself, you’ll be able to try their resources to encourage your individual development work too.

3. Behance

Arguably the most well-liked resource on this list, Behance is a free online portfolio-building website for UI/UX developers in all places. 

This hub of inspiration allows you to use and share UX and UI ideas with a world community of web developers, illustrators, and photographers. Behance provides opportunities for users to step up their developer work by providing tools, suggestions, and resources – making it an important place to get inspiration for your individual landing page development today.

4. Dribbble

Much like Behance, Dribble is a hub of inspiration for web developers in all places. This online tool means that you can upload your works and share your experiences to a community of world users. You’ll be able to get resources from photographers, illustrators, and other developers, ensuring quality design in your UI and UX output.


The following entry on this list is an incredibly unique resource since it provides inspiration and resources specifically for ecommerce and fintech web sites. is a site that hosts a various library of ecommerce UI and UX designs. This resource is great for anyone developing retail or fintech brands, since it gives users access to platforms, technologies, and systems for all of your ecommerce needs.

6. Land-book

Searching for a spot to encourage your landing pages? Look no further than Land-book. This aptly-named site serves as a resource library for designers, developers, business owners, and digital marketers alike. You’ll find beautiful and unique landing page examples on Land-book, ensuring great UX/UI ideas on your brand’s own landing pages.

7. Siteinspire

As its name suggests, Siteinspire serves as a resource of inspiration for your individual web development. They host a few of the finest interactive UX/UI online, categorizing  templates by style, type, subject, and platform. 

You’ll be able to submit your works to Siteinspire too, especially in case your designs are clean, easy, and simple for other developers to make use of. 

8. UXfolio

The last entry on this list of expert resources is UXfolio. This resource library lets UX and UI designers create sites and landing pages using its massive range of free features.

With a free membership signup, you’ll be able to utilize UXfolio’s in-platform copywriting services, embeds, and more. With its paid membership, you’ll be able to develop a limiteless variety of projects and portfolios for all of your UX/UI needs.

Key takeaways

There’s no harm in referring to expert resources to seek out your “oomph” in UX/UI design. So make certain to bring these takeaways with you as you delve into more web development work this yr:

  • Keep it easy. Online users face a barrage of knowledge on a day by day basis within the digital world. By keeping your UI easy and clean, you’ll be able to ensure a customers’ ease of use in your website whatever the ever-changing trends online.
  • Write clear calls-to-action. Don’t distract customers with fancy jargon if it doesn’t serve their needs. Write copies that indicate clear calls to motion in order that users convert ASAP.
  • Learn continually. Don’t let drab design ideas get in the way in which of your digital success. Do your research and learn from other experts to find what works on your users today.

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