While the first part of the search experience involves the users being able to enter input into the search quickly and easily, the other part is the result pages.

These are the pages that the users are expecting to see once they have entered their input into the search box. The goal should be to deliver accurate search results that open up an opportunity for the users to engage and enable them to find information according to their needs.

Do Not Erase The User’s Query

Never eliminate the original text from the search bar once the user has clicked the search button. This allows the users to go back whenever they need to and make slight changes for better search results.

Retyping the entire query again will waste the user’s time.

Choose An Appropriate Layout For Your Data

Selecting a proper layout for presenting data is crucial in many ways. Too much of the information or too little of the information can be overwhelming or underwhelming. That’s where choosing the right layout can help you provide just the right amount of information to the users.

Usually, there are two common layouts- the list view and the grid view. The list view is adequate for listing down the details in bullet points in a more digestible way.

While the grid view is more common for pictures. However, the question comes down to which layout should be used to present the results to the users. That’s subjective and wholly depends on the type of information you are trying to feed the users.

For example, using a list view will make more sense if there are details of a product. Talking about an appliance that a user is interested in purchasing. Then they will go through the specification to make an informed decision, and hence list layout is preferable.

However, in the same way, a decision has to be made, but on an appearance basis, then a grid view will be more appropriate.

Show Search Progress

Showing the items that match the user’s search query will help them decide how long they should be surfing to find the results. Moreover, the searched results should be displayed immediately, but in case that’s not possible due to some reason, then do mention how long the users should wait.

Secret tip: animation can distract the users in case the search takes more than 10 seconds.

Provide Users With A Filter Or Sort Options

As we mentioned earlier, smaller websites with less content don’t need a search button; they don’t require a filtering option too. However, with large websites, for example, an e-commerce site, there will be a huge range of various products. In this case, sorting and filtering options allow the users to narrow down their options so that when they are searching for something, too much of the data doesn’t become overwhelming for them.

Now, there is something you need to understand. Sorting and filtering aren’t the same. And therefore, the sort feature shouldn’t be hidden among the filtering options.

Sort enables the users to view the content according to their preferred way. For instance, in most apparel e-commerce, you might have noticed that the sort feature shows options like:

  1. Sort by Price low to high
  2. Sort by best selling
  3. Sort by new to old

You get the idea, don’t you?

On the other hand, the filtering out option reduces the information available so that it matches with the user’s search query. Some tips on filtering and sorting:

  1. Show 7 items or less in the filtering option at once.
  2. If there are more items, you a “view more” or “view option.”
  3. Prioritize the filter options according to what users opt for the most.

In Conclusion To Search And Result Pages

Search is a critical element for any content-heavy website or app. One thing that you will be able to analyze after reading the entire blog is that how can a minute thing have a significant impact on the search experience and the overall user experience.

Well, it can be concluded that a good search means good UX!

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