How Much Does It Cost to Register a Company in Australia 

Nov 26, 2022

Australia is a terrific place to do business. Considered one of the explanations is the high disposable incomes that households enjoy which makes it ideal for consumer goods industries.

But before you dive into kickstarting your online business, it’s crucial to learn the initial costs. It enables you to allocate a correct budget for the several requirements in launching your online business successfully.

Let’s get you began on step one which is registering your online business. Know what to organize, the prices, and the registration process.

4 Things to Prepare Before You Register a Company in Australia

Select a Unique Company Name 

Your enterprise name will probably be your trademark. Be certain that you place numerous considering into coming up with a reputation that speaks to what style of business you do and your goals. It needs to be marketable.

Think concerning the ethos, vision, and mission of your organization. These may be the guiding beacons for naming your online business.

Listed here are quick tricks to show you how to derive a novel and brandable business name: 

  • Do a fast search online and see whether a business or entity already uses the name you would like. 
  • Your enterprise name should be easy to spell, pronounce, and memorable. The hot button is to make it easy. 
  • Be certain that it’s brandable by reflecting the USP of your brand. 
  • Select a reputation that’s web-friendly. Considering how digitally driven the market is, you’ll need to establish an internet site eventually. Try to go looking for the name you would like if there’s an identical domain available, and register it before anyone else does.

Determine Your Company Structure

Next, that you must determine the structure that your online business would have. You’ll be able to pick from the next options which might be allowed to operate within the country: 

  • Sole Trader: You’re a sole proprietor and also you make all the choices for the business. 
  • Company: It is a business’s legal structure that separates you from it and creates its own entity. In Australia, a “company” is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
  • Partnerships: This business structure applies once you work with a partner who shares the corporate’s profits and losses.
  • Trust: If your organization goes to act as an agent or a fiduciary on behalf of other legal entities.

Understand Your Roles and Responsibilities 

The roles and responsibilities you shoulder because the director would differ for every company structure.

It’s essential that you simply understand the complete scope of your legal obligations towards and unto the corporate you’re registering in line with the Corporations Act.

Learn About Australian Company Numbers (ACNs) 

Each company in Australia has its own unique Australian Company Number (ACN). It’s a 9-digit number that serves as an identifier for your online business. You’ll be able to routinely get your ACN upon registering your online business.

The Process and Cost of Registering a Company in Australia

Know the method for registering your organization in Australia and understand the prices.

Check the Availability of Your Company Name

First, you should check whether the name you chose to your company is offered. You don’t wish to register under a reputation that’s already taken. You’ll be able to perform an availability check here.

Learn concerning the Company Registration Fee 

Registering an organization in Australia often costs between $443 to $538, depending on your online business’s structure.

It’s higher to ascertain all of the fees and charges applicable to you prescribed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The list is a bit long; it’s best to rent expert help who knows the forms that you must fill out and their corresponding fees.

Note that the one payment method allowed is bank cards. You should use your VISA or MasterCard to swipe credit.

Duration for Registering a Company in Australia

Technology has made it possible to drastically reduce the registration time to only quarter-hour. All that you must do is go to the Business Registration Service website and register your organization.

The shape takes quarter-hour to fill out, and you need to receive the confirmation inside two working days.

Review Your Registration

Reviewing the corporate registration often happens after one full yr has passed from the registration date of your organization.

ASIC sends you the annual review statement, and also you would wish to pay the annual company fee. You need to also update the main points of your online business and provides a solvency resolution to ASIC.

Register for Taxes

Businesses in Australia are also required to pay taxes: 

  • Luxury automobile tax 
  • Fuel tax credits 
  • Goods and repair tax 
  • Pay as You Go tax 
  • Fringe Advantages tax
  • Wine Equalisation tax

You should look up which taxes your organization is liable to pay; you’ll be able to pay online. Study it here.

Don’t Let the Company Registration Cost Daunt You 

The registration process and fee structure could also be elaborate, but they don’t take away from the indisputable fact that Australia is a wonderful place to do business. So, get the ball rolling and make your dream business a reality. 

When you’re at it, it makes total sense to create a web-based presence for your online business on this competitive online market. Construct it with robust hosting and grow it with powerful internet marketing tools.