7 AI Test Automation Tools [2022]

Nov 21, 2022

Best AI Test Automation Tools

1. Testigma – Best for automating tests for web app

To support continuous testing, Testsigma, an AI-driven SaaS test automation tool, offers a unified platform for requirement management, the design of human and automatic test cases, and the execution of those test cases on local and cloud-based devices.

Testsigma uses AI to hurry up the upkeep of your automated tests and to construct robust and trustworthy tests more quickly than previously. Writing stable and dependable automated tests with Testsigma is now easier and faster than before.

With the help of tests written in straightforward English provided by Testsigma, you’ll be able to test your web applications, mobile applications, and APIs without having to undergo the difficulty of learning a programming language.

Anyone can start manufacturing natural language automated testing. Writing automated tests is just as easy using Testsigma as writing manual tests. With the bare minimum of inputs, Testsigma uses AI to recommend the relevant or impacted tests that must be run for every change in the appliance.

2. Applitools – Best for remarking on questionable changes


An entire software testing platform driven by Visual AI is obtainable by Applitools. It applies to groups working on engineering, test automation, manual quality assurance, DevOps, and digital transformation.

With the help of Applitools, you’ll be able to analyze how your app performs and appears on various gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and external monitors.

By simulating the “human eye” and mechanically detecting visual problems and flaws, Applitools Eyes enables enterprises to release aesthetically flawless applications on almost any browser or device.

3. AccelQ – Best for functional testing


The one continuous testing platform that seamlessly automates API and web testing without requiring programmers to jot down a single line of code is ACCELQ. By automating crucial lifecycle steps including test design, planning, creation, and execution, ACCELQ helps IT teams of all sizes speed up their testing.

Without the necessity to create any frameworks or understand any programming syntax, ACCELQ provides a comprehensive automation solution using a singular natural language approach. No technical obstacles prevent the complete team from accessing all test resources.

With a browser-based logic editor, complex test logic could also be generated in English abstraction.

4. Functionize – Best for creating end-to-end tests


Functionalize is a totally featured evaluation system built to be utilized by each independent developers and businesses. The platform offers artificial intelligence (AI)-driven low-code testing solution. Its clever architecture enables users to construct tests quickly, and its Natural Language Processing function can transform steps written in straightforward English.

The breakpoints Live Debug feature in Functionize allows users to interact with their test because it is being executed in real-time. They will simply detect and proper problems due to it. Moreover, the technology swiftly pinpoints faults via comparisons of screenshots and simple-to-understand mistakes.

Alternatively, the cloud-based Functionize platform allows business groups to significantly boost software development while minimizing the necessity for traditional scripts, monitoring, and a big QA workforce. They’re a dedicated group focused on creating state-of-the-art testing solutions globally.

5. Sauce Labs – Best for automated and manual testing

sauce labs

When a user accesses your website or app, whatever the device, browser, or operating system they use, Sauce Labs is a comprehensive testing platform that covers every stage of your software development and operations lifecycle.

To help customers in testing their online and mobile applications, Source Labs offers each straightforward but sophisticated cloud-based capabilities together with an open-source coding process. The platform provides testers and developers with all of the tools they should execute tests across quite a few platforms, browsers, and connectors.

6. Testim – Best for businesses that leverage artificial intelligence


End-to-end tests which are AI-stabilized will be quickly created with Testim. Moreover, Testim was specifically created to help agile teams in effectively managing and scaling their automation initiatives. The tools and procedures utilized by software teams must be compatible with testing solutions. Testim was created with openness and adaptableness in mind.

This system also includes an entire and clean user interface, readily adjusts to your working style, and offers the alternative of using either its coded or code-less version for people who find themselves just getting began with automation.

With using artificial intelligence, the Testim recorder determines the precise locators for every element, generating a listing of rankings for various locators based on the very best automation techniques for developing reliable tests.

Testim enables reference to multiple third-party platforms, including Github, TestReail, Jenkins, and lots of more. Support is obtainable through real-time chats, forums, manuals, email, and different online methods.

7. TestCraft – Best for making a rapid script


Artificial intelligence (AI) technology plays the job of reducing maintenance time and expense by mechanically implementing modifications to the app. On top of Selenium, TestCraft is an AI-powered test automation platform for regression and continuous testing. It’s used to watch online applications as well.

No coding knowledge is vital. Because of this, TestCraft’s primary feature is its drag-and-drop interface that permits testers to create automated Selenium-based tests visually. Moreover, they will be used concurrently in various browsers and work settings.

TestCraft boosts test preparation, implementation, and maintenance by generating a versatile test model that will be readily modified to match app changes. Alternatively, the clients release their digital products more continuously, interact with CI/CD, and optimize the general quality of their digital products.


The sector of software development has expanded significantly over time, each by way of creation and execution. There are many tools for automation testing accessible. Each tool is distinct and possesses certain qualities. Resulting from the variability of various test automation tools available, it could be difficult to pick out the perfect one for a project. That’s the reason selecting the right tool on your project is crucial, but we’re certain that by this point you’ll be able to accomplish that.