6 Reasons to Spend money on Responsive Web Design Services

Nov 21, 2022

Smartphones have modified our lives. We’re not restricted to physical stores or computers anymore when we wish to purchase something or contact someone. And in case your website doesn’t work well on mobile devices, you lose a very good variety of users. To be exact, there are 6.25 billion smartphone users on this planet. We will agree, that’s an enormous amount of potential customers to your website.

We at UX studio know that responsive design plays a very important role in keeping your visitors. If the concept of redesigning your current website to a responsive design, or the necessity for a brand-new one has popped into your mind, you got here to the suitable place. Our designers have all of the experience and knowledge you would like.

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What’s responsive website design?

Responsive website design means that you would be able to resize the net page dimension as you want. It is going to still look and work well, whether viewed on a desktop or smartphone. And in case your website doesn’t provide a consistent user experience, 89% of users will either switch devices or simply leave.

convert your website to responsive design so your webpage dimensions will adapt to any screen sizeWe helped the IncQuery Labs team to launch a responsive website and made it easier for users to attach with the corporate.

Responsive website design vs adaptive design

After Google’s big update in 2015, responsive website design became preferred as mobile-friendly sites ranked higher in Google. That’s certainly one of the explanations businesses began converting their web sites to this sort of design.

Before responsive, there was adaptive design, which used a static layout. This implies you needed multiple versions of each webpage to have a functioning website on different devices. While within the case of responsive design, the design mechanically adapts to suit the platform and screen size of the used device, providing a consistent user experience.

Why spend money on responsive website design services?

People, without even realizing it, love responsive design. Since COVID, customer behaviors have significantly modified. We were in quarantine, which accelerated online shopping at an unprecedented rate. People swiftly became accustomed to this latest, digital way of life.

In PWC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey, they found that 41% of shoppers do their shopping day by day or weekly via smartphone. Five years ago it was only 12%. By today, almost as many individuals shop online as in-store.

41% of customers do their shopping daily or weekly via smartphone on responsive websites

Did you recognize that globally at the very least 45% of individuals work across multiple devices? What’s more, customers should not only using multiple screens, they’re loving it. This implies you can not depend on designing for the desktop screen alone. Investing in responsive website design services is a must in 2022. Not only because customers use multiple screens, but due to other advantages of responsive web sites.

Let’s discuss these advantages and your goals during a free consultation. Together we will get probably the most out of your site’s potential.Let's work together on your responsive website
For those who need more reasons, try our list of why to make use of responsive design:

  1. More traffic
  2. Improved user experience
  3. Improved Google rating
  4. Higher conversion rate
  5. Cost-effective
  6. Saves time

1. More traffic

In 2022 poor design and experience scares away visitors. In Adobe’s report, 30% of individuals will stop viewing the web site if it doesn’t display well on their current device. Moreover, if it takes too long to load, 41% of the shoppers will abandon your site. It not only affects traffic, however it hurts your brand value as well.

People will abandon your site if it has display issues.source:

2. Improved user experience

Why is user experience essential? Because a site with an improved user experience makes sure that users come back to it.

UX studio’s responsive website design services guarantees that your site looks and works well on any screen. Not to say the incontrovertible fact that it’ll be easy to make use of. And who doesn’t like a web site, where all of the menus and buttons are accessible? This nice experience will make your audience come back to your site.

In summary, if you’ve one single responsive design, which easily changes across the screen sizes, you provide a consistent experience to your visitors. Consistency improves the general user experience which greatly impacts traffic. The more high-quality traffic you get, the greater your conversion rate will probably be, leading to increased revenue.

Your eyes lit up on the considered it? Contact us to debate your goals and the subsequent steps.

3. Improved Google rating

Have you ever ever gone to the second or third page on Google? In case your site can rank on the primary page, you’ll have a greater likelihood to succeed in potential customers. Responsive design could make your website mobile-friendly which Google loves. It helps you with rating together with other search engine marketing aspects.

improve your google ranking with responsive web design services

Other aspects influence your serps rating:

  • Time on site
  • Page load time
  • Bounce rate

Google has present in their research that ​​53% of tourists abandon a mobile site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. By making your website responsive it’ll load quickly on all platforms. And in case your visitors get what they need very quickly, it’ll directly impact the length of time they spend in your site. This can decrease the bounce rate significantly which has an impact in your google rating.

Long story short, a mobile responsive design is unquestionably the important thing to getting probably the most out of Search Engine Optimization.

4. Higher conversion rate

Often, people research services on their phones, while the ultimate purchase is made on their desktop. So if you happen to provide a stable user experience to your visitors, they will proceed where they left off, not feeling any difference. It’s going to construct trust in your responsive website, which leads you to the next conversion rate. Boost your conversion rate with great responsive design

5. Cost-effective maintenance

But those aren’t the one reason your online business should spend money on responsive website design services. As you’ll need just one version of your website, it’ll be easier and faster to keep up its content. Responsive web sites normally have a single admin interface where you’ll be able to access the positioning’s content.

Having a responsive website is cost-effective because you won't need a developer to update your site.

And since you won’t need a dedicated developer only your in-house team to update the web site, it’ll make the upkeep costs lower as well. And if it weren’t enough, but don’t tell anyone, with regular updates, you’ll be able to rank higher on Google.

6. Saves time

Years ago, when adaptive design ruled the digital world, you needed to keep up separate versions of your website. But why is it problematic? On the one hand, it’s expensive. Alternatively, it takes twice the work to your team to update your website.

For those who convert your website to a responsive one, you’ll must care for just one version. Wouldn’t you wish a web site that’s quick to update and easier to administer? In case your website could be updated in a single shot, it not only saves time but money as well. And we all know the phrase, time is money.
Let's have a talk of your new responsive website.
Once we at UX studio start a responsive website design project, we at all times start with the design and research tasks. Our proven method is that our UX/UI Designers are at all times working along with UX Researchers, so we will test design alternatives straight away inside your audience.

It’s also extremely helpful to involve the event team right from the primary week. On the one hand, we will design features and solutions which are possible to develop. Alternatively, involving your developers from the start will allow them to start out constructing your product earlier. So you’ll be able to launch latest designs on the earliest possible time.

For those who like our way of considering and need to know more about how we may also help your online business, schedule a call with us.

What’s the difference between responsive website design and mobile-friendly website design?

Mobile-friendly web sites are often scaled-down versions of their desktop counterparts. Even when this makes it possible for mobile users to make use of the positioning, it doesn’t provide a very good user experience. While a responsive website has been designed in a way, that the sizes of all of the vital elements are adapting to the screen of the device you’re using.

Although with responsive website design services your website will probably be enjoyable on different screens, it doesn’t mean it’ll be designed with a mobile-first approach. The important difference is how the designer approaches the duty: constructing your site from the smallest to the larger screens, or the opposite way around?

Difference between mobile-friendly and responsive web design.That is how the website would really like as mobile-friendly if we hadn’t designed their page responsive. Read our case study on it.

A mobile-first website will at all times offer a greater user experience. That’s why we at UX studio at all times design mobile device screens concurrently with desktop screens. This manner we will work more effectively, and think about all design elements. Equivalent to font size, content placement, or how big a button must be.

Why is the mobile-first approach vital?

The mobile-first approach implies that when a responsive website design company develops your website, they begin designing the mobile website first. After that, they move to the desktop version. Mostly the rationale is that smart devices’ screens are smaller. Thus the designers should be smart about how they use the available space.

A mobile-first strategy helps in defining what’s visually and functionally obligatory. In this manner, the responsive website design agency could be simpler in its design selections.A mobile-first strategy helps in defining what’s visually and functionally necessary.

How much do responsive website design services cost?

I’m sure you’ve already heard it before, however it depends. Several aspects influence the ultimate price for instance:

  • Variety of website
  • Size or Variety of pages
  • Content
  • Deadline

For those who’ve decided to go for a latest or convert to a responsive website, our designers have all of the experience and knowledge you would like. Let’s get to know one another during an hour-long meeting. We’re greater than completely satisfied to discuss your goals, visions, problems and the way can we allow you to with them.

Why select UX studio for responsive website design services?

In 2022, all of that is mandatory if you desire to have a well-optimized website to your users. If half of your website traffic is coming from mobile, don’t give them a half-good experience. Possibly a full redesign is to make your site a responsive superstar.

At UX studio, we’re a trusted alternative for responsive website design services. We’ve worked with many startups and industry leaders worldwide like Google, Netflix, and Zignaly. Still undecided? Let’s talk. We’re completely satisfied to allow you to figure things out.