11 AI Text Evaluation Software Tools [2022]

Nov 25, 2022

Rapidminer is an enterprise AI software that uses text mining algorithms with NLP techniques to know the context deeply of each text providing insights using structured and unstructured data. The sentiment evaluation uses hyper-target communication to investigate the direct feedback and attitude towards these services.

Analyzing all of your data resources here with data science helps with risk management and fraud detection, along with marketing and product development. The Rapidminer dashboard is ideal for everybody onboard with its automation for beginners and integrated environments with experts.

  • It provides open source data science academia.
  • Supports a big selection of language, data, and systems


Chattermill uses its frictionless and powerful integrations to derive experiential and operational insights from unstructured and structured data.

Its powerful AI categorizes the insights into sentiments and themes groups for higher understanding in less time, providing finer details.

The filter and search functions here enhance the dashboard functionality making it efficient to get required analytics from huge datasets.

  • It aggregates CSAT scores.
  • Supports multiple integrations, including third-party integrations
  • Trend evaluation and a part of speech tagging

relative insight

Relative Insight relies on law enforcement technology for changing raw datasets into actionable insights using qualitative data evaluation. It makes qualitative data analytics defectively actionable by comparison, strategic data set selection, and sourcing text from specific channels.

Relative Insight combines advanced comparative linguistics with NLP for a greater contextual understanding of textual data. Among the ways by which it offers great value include:

  • Split functionality for breaking down datasets
  • It compares text based on geographic metrics, competitors, audience segments, etc.


Caplena text analytics AI integrates into your application for real-time automatic tagging, and its backend relies on custom-trained models.

Its RESTful API automates batch import and export of knowledge from different sources, so you possibly can import data from anywhere and export it to any system. Caplena supports greater than 30 languages with none translations and over 100 with translations.

It keeps your dataset and dashboards GDPR compliant because the AI removes 10 kinds of personally identifiable information. Some invaluable features at Caplena include:

  • Hierarchical organization of topics on 2 levels
  • AI customization
  • Categorization of about 200,000 rows every hour

Canvs completes the Agile research stack with its powerful and intuitive dashboard with insights that pivot the info towards higher decision-making.

Here you possibly can analyze data qualitatively and quantitatively with its auto-code backend model giving a greater idea about customer mindset. It focuses on gaining insights out of your open-ended texts by combining NLP and AI.

Canvs also tracks the shopper data across social media platforms to trace your campaigns and customer interaction with them beyond basic information. It brings value in the next ways:

  • Faster time to insights
  • It has a patented model of 43 emotion types
  • Dashboard based on Boolean strings to maintain things easy

Lang brings the mix of AI-backed backend and human touch front end on your marketing insights automating the manual agent tasks and providing categorized interactions for a greater customer experience.

It routinely categorizes the support tickets in real-time, and you possibly can configure this automation with insights based on your requirements.

The AI technology here is just not depending on any training and doesn’t need any data labeling. It also provides:

  • It classifies every text in real-time with its API
  • Comes with OWASP ASVS for higher security and reliability
  • Insights have complete transparency


Thematic analyzes all the pieces from surveys and reviews to your chats, and it comes with a no-code model that doesn’t need any training out of your end. The Artificial intelligence groups phrase from different channels and implies its thematic evaluation for locating customer thoughts.

Thematic comes with its workflow automation feature that keeps track of knowledge and presents in its visual form to indicate the ley segments. Thematic also provides the next features:

  • One-click integration with different content channels
  • Theme tagging and modification


Forsta pairs your AI with a touch of humanity, so its algorithms are shaped based on your enterprise requirements. You choose the answer and train your algorithm, and the experts at Forsta care for the remaining.

Forsta takes your data and never only converts it into actionable insights but in addition provides strategies and tactics through clear reports to reinforce performance. To get details about the entire customer experience, Forsta brings all of those channels to 1 place:

  • Chat logs
  • CSAT surveys
  • CRM systems
  • NPS


Lexalytics focuses on providing its services in the shape of APIs powered by its world-leading NLP capabilities. It offers flexible deployment options on the next options:

Lexalytics is just not only restricted to the English language because it represents 67% of the population, with 29 languages covering 6 continents with its world-leading Ai. Here you possibly can deploy custom machine learning models along with your requirements and set custom-training strategies to reinforce performance and accuracy of insights.

  • On-premise hardware
  • Private cloud
  • Public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud infrastructures


Yabble transforms the unstructured text data with its Count and Query functions, where you need to use either or each of them together. It first implies the count function that gives analytics from the text data.

The Query function works on the upper level providing a layer of richer detail getting information from Count function results and providing insights accordingly.

So, you get to decide on the extent of richness of the info you ought to analyze. The sub-theme counting feature here helps discover the drivers behind your organization’s customer feedback performance. Yabble also provides the next features:

  • Theme counting to pick out themes based on your datasets
  • One-click sentiment evaluation
  • Works on GPT-3 neural network


MonkeyLearn brings a no-code text analytics experience with a cleaner interface, and it keeps all of the necessary insights in a single place.

It provides easy detailed insights in visual form, allowing you to dig deeper into the shopper feedback data. MonkeyLearn lets you create custom visualizations and charts inside its interface to give attention to the info and insights you wish essentially the most.

Its multiple filter options with ML models train your model without coding or constructing it. Here you possibly can get a far more personalized experience with tailored templates for various requirements and pre-made text analyzing models

Another features here include:

  • Fast actionable insights
  • Reference to API and dashboards
  • NPS and CSAT Evaluation.


AI Text Evaluation Software Final Words

In conclusion,AI text evaluation software is a robust tool that can assist organizations to make higher decisions. The software can assist organizations to investigate large amounts of knowledge and to seek out patterns that might otherwise be hidden. Nevertheless, the software is just not perfect and it is necessary for organizations to know its limitations.